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Entrusting your building's compliance and safety to experts isn't just important - it's crucial for accuracy. Guaranteeing compliance for your structures, both present and future, is a pivotal aspect of your overall fire safety strategy.

Since its inception, MB Firestop Limited has emerged as the foremost specialist in passive fire protection in the Channel Islands. We offer a comprehensive array of third-party accredited fire surveys, fire stopping installations, and fire door compliance services catering to both public and private sectors.

What we do

Fire Compartment Inspection Services

We provide comprehensive inspection and report services on your existing fire compartment passive fire protection and fire doors.


MB Firestop Limited provide firestopping services to ensure fire compartments are not breached and preventing fire, smoke and toxic gas permeating between compartments.

Fire Door Installation and Repair

All fire door works are undertaken under the BM Trada Q Mark schemes to ensure compliance with fire test data and manufacturers requirements.

Planned Maintenance and Compliance

We offer various pre-planned packages varying from 2 - 5 years for inspection and maintenance to ensure building compliance.

Our Services


Our clients span a wide range of industry sectors including healthcare, hospitality, construction, and professional services. We work with property managers, developers and other key stakeholders in hospitals, care homes, hotels, rental accommodation, lodging houses and on new developments. MB Firestop is the safe choice for fire protection in the Channel Islands.

We specialise in safeguarding various environments, encompassing public spaces, industrial sites, offices, theatres, educational centres, housing developments, and hotels. Our commitment is to deliver optimum safety and adherence to regulations across diverse sectors.

Operating within all sectors, including new and established properties, our services extend to occupied spaces as well as new constructions.

How we work

At MB Firestop Limited, our primary focus revolves around nurturing customer relationships by upholding a "right first time" philosophy and a dedication to quality.

As The Channel Islands’ premier specialist in passive fire protection and as members of the BRE passive fire protection certification scheme, we offer end-to-end services, starting from initial evaluations and surveys, all the way through to comprehensive pre-planned maintenance packages.

Backed by a dedicated, skilled team passionate about fire safety in constructed environments, we ensure the provision of top-notch service through extensive knowledge and expertise.

About Us
How can we help?

For helpful, insightful, no-nonsense advice on any fire protection or fire stopping matter, please contact Bob Le Cornu on 07797 888801 or email